Geling Digital Packaging (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
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Company Profile

Geling digital is a professional packaging bag manufacturing company in China, providing customers with flexible packaging bags covering various industries from industrial packaging bags to food and health products. Our customers are listed companies or well-known brand in China such as Foxconn, Bourne Optics, Three Squirrels, Natural Pie, Xu Fu Ji, Tong Ren Tang, Amos, Cherry Maruko. After nearly 22 years of accumulation and precipitation, Geling digital has not only won the recognition and support of the majority of customer groups with its excellent quality, technology and management level, but the team's unified innovation and pioneering spirit continue to lead and make breakthroughs in flexible packaging activities. In 2018, the company took the lead in introducing HP20000 digital printing in China's soft packaging industry, which overturned the limitations of traditional printing, and brought unlimited possibilities for customers in new product development and creative marketing.